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I almost forgot to share my experience at the last PDM with you. I was asked to talk about the new iChapter web site and answer questions for the attendees. After giving a very brief overview of the new web site...
we received a rousing round of applause. Everyone I talked with was very positive about the new site and the added functionality...
Recent News
ISM - Aug 1, 2011
ISM Grand Rapids joins the iChapter network family supporting Credit Card payments for reservations and events. iChapter is expanding within the ISM affiliate ranks simply because of iChapter's low annual fees and full feature capabilities compared to other very expensive and less capable services recently joining the non-profit support market.
APICS - Jul 1, 2011
APICS North Texas (Dallas) has updated to the latest version of the APICS Template supporting iChapter. Thank you Dallas for your continued support of iChapter!
iChapter - Mar 3, 2011
iChapter "eMail-Blast!" sends 1.5 Million email messages successfully to-date! eMail-Blast! is part of the iChapter services at no additional cost and makes emailing very simple since iChapter can automatically pull content from the chapter calender.
APICS - Dec 11, 2010
APICS Lincoln Land chapter becomes the latest go-live on the iChapter network. The iChapter network is a very unique "Web Service" which allows customers to have web site support from iChapter services anywhere in the world as long as the web site is hosted by Microsoft Windows .NET server. Welcome Lincoln Land!
APICS - Nov 20, 2010
The iChapter division of Web Merchant Services releases version 5.0a of the APICS Template. This version supports more home page dynamic information such as "Next Event" and "President's Message" automatically. Chapters interested in upgrading to this latest version should contact
Web-Based Solutions for Membership and Reservations
Management supporting Non-Profits!

Come and join the growing world of iChapter!
So you run a large non-profit organization? Do you have a web site? How much work does your web site do? A little? A lot? Or could it do more?
“An affordable full-featured e-commerce outsourcing service for chapters and organizations...”
Superior web-based real-time event and reservation management systems to support non-profits that are powerful, robust, informational, intuitive, economical and proven haven't existed in the industry.........until now!
Introducing iChapter Network. An affordable full-featured e-commerce outsourcing service for chapters and organizations that don't have the in-house expertise to support such capabilties. focuses on the core needs of a professional non-profit:
“We can build a completely new web site or just modify an exisitng site to work with iChapter Network.”
Get ready for the future of web based chapter management. iChapter Network is a web based membershipevent, reservation and financial management system.
We are a full service provider! We can build a completely new web site, install a template supporting a specific organzation or just modify an existing site to work with iChapter Network.
iChapter Features
  iChapter clients get unlimited membership space and maps for free!
Membership management
Event management
Reservations management
Location/Map management
Document Storage
eMail-Blast! (mass emailing)  
Real-Time Reservations (at event)  
On-Line Credit Cards  
and much, much more....  
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